Attention Mice and Men.

It’s just Communication to me. Getting the message through to a crowd of strangers or your own dog. I bet they’ll hear you out if you have something interesting to say.  Let’s tell a good story.

Please notice that I’m not a Native speaker of English: I don’t offer language planning.

Brand, Service & Concept Design: Key Messages, Script Writing & Verbal Identities
Scent Detection dogs, Tracking&Searching, Puppy training, Canine Massage

Jobs for Dogs 2013: Co-Founder & Dog Trainer
Copycat 2011: Founder, Copywriter & Animal Trainer
Internships 2010 – 2011: The Guide Dog School, The Finnish Society of Hearing and Aid Dogs, The Helsinki Society for Animal Protection, The Police Dog Training Centre
Freelance Copywriter: 2009 – 2011
Taivas Ego & EGO (OgilvyOne) 2005 – 2009
SEK & Grey 1998 – 2004

Canine Massage Therapist, Preparatory training for competence-based qualification, Amiedu 2017
Animal Trainer, Competence-based qualification,  Kao 2011
Program of Audiovisual Communication, Multimedia and Internet, Rastor 2006
MA, Comparative Literature, Media&Communication and Script Writing, Helsinki University 2003

Jobs for Dogs

© Jenny Koljonen, 2012